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Some of the most popular keywords and their all time reported sales

Popular Keyword Domain Sales

Everyone has niches and keywords they focus on, some are currently hot, CBD, Crypto. Others are tried and true like shop and online.

Each month I do a post on popular keywords either starting with the keyword or ending with the keyword.

Now in this post I decided to take a look at all reported sales for popular keywords. I should note that when investors are discussing keywords, they are usually talking about two word domain names. The actual standalone keyword is a very premium name that most cannot afford and usually is developed.

So some of these keywords have a large outlier sale that was the actual keyword alone. for example at $5.5 million skews the numbers when looking at Casino keyword sales. Same goes for Capital and Shop. I wanted to point that out so readers take that into consideration.

I also added a column for the number of sales over the last three years. That way you can see if a keyword has had the majority of it’s sales recently or if it maybe it’s not as popular lately.

The following is a list of popular keywords where the domain sale ended in that keyword. (Certain keywords have had big sales of just the keyword alone. See,, and

Keyword Total Sales Total last 3 years Dollar Volume Average Price
Media 1,730 674 $2m $1,134
Labs 654 357 $710k $1,086
Coin 772 498 $882.1k $1,143
Capital 966 496 $2.2m $2,272
Pay 693 349 $1.8m $2,564
Shop 2,045 819 $6.7m $3,287
Tech 1,550 747 $2.1m $1,382
Jobs 798 233 $2.3m $2,845
Homes 1,069 391 $1.6m $1,487
Games 1,084 381 $4.6m $4,260
Store 1,563 589 $2.1m $1,339
Casino 463 180 $6.5m $14,100
Poker 356 99 $751k $2,109
Bet 642 408 $3.5m $5,479
Site 732 214 $2.1m $2,926
TV 1,092 415 $7.3m $6,660
News 1,755 679 $2.2m $1,241
App 1,040 540 $967.6k $930
Cloud 640 281 $1.2m $1,803
Web 1,242 402 $1.5m $1,222
Net 1,849 586 $3.3m $1,781
Online 2,589 861 $2.9m $1,128 has released the top 500 keywords registered by extension count.

I hope this post is a help for those doing keyword research and on the fence about certain domain names at auction or closeouts.

All sales data courtesy of Namebio

Note: There are many sales that are unreported each month. We cannot comment on the unknown, so we deal with what’s reported to, and by, reliable sources.

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