Tuesday , May 11 2021

717.com – Sold yesterday on SEDO for $101,000 USD – Robbie’s Blog online since 2011

717 dot com domain name sale

The domain name 717.com was successfully sold on SEDO.com yesterday for the six-figure sum of $101,000 USD

The domain name has been under Chinese ownership for a number of years and I suspect has been acquired by another Chinese company or domain name investor.

NNN.com domain names are commonly used in China and Hong Kong, whereas here in the UK and over in the US often aren’t used for commercial purposes often.

114.com remains the highest published NNN.com domain name sale on Namebio.com back in 2013 for $2,100,000 USD

As there are only 1000 possible NNN.com domain name combinations this helps massively drive upwards the price due to the scarcity of Three-Number Dot Com domain names.

It’s a great six-figure sale and I congratulate the buyer and seller on the sale of 717.com

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