Wednesday , April 21 2021

Who Bought Them? Six Recently Sold Dot Com Domain Names –

Recent Domain Name Acquisitions

Six Recently acquired domain names from sold for $11,928 USD of the domain names sold they were acquired by Stone Beam, SPR Constructions Private Limited, UAB MailerLite, Firstservice Residential Management Inc, Global Takeoff, Knowledge Catalyst Pte Ltd.

The name I like the most and believe was a solid purchase Knowledge Catalyst, The company had been operating on the .IO domain name KnowledgeCatalyst however has now chosen to acquire the matching Dot Com Domain name for only $2,288 USD – That’s just a smart move in my eyes… Do you agree? – Acquired by Stone Beam on for $1,988 USD. – Acquired by SPR Constructions Private Limited on for $1,988 USD. – Acquired by UAB MailerLite on for $1,088 USD. – Acquired by Firstservice Residential Management, Inc. on for $3,088 USD. – Acquired by Global Takeoff on for $1,488 USD. – Acquired by Knowledge Catalyst Pte. Ltd. on for $2,288 USD.

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