Tuesday , May 11 2021

Quick Picks: No-Bid Domain Auctions Ending 4/18/2021

Below is a hand-picked list of quick-pick domains with NO bids. There are a few sleepers on the list worth NOT BIDDING on, and allowing to enter into buy-it-now closeout status. Attempting to allow domains with no bids to close in auction can be a bit risky. Once domains enter buy-it-now closeout status is also risky too. I enjoy sniping and flipping expired domains at $5 pricing (really $13 after renewing it for a year), but be wise and don’t lose out on a good domain in an attempt to wait it out. As always do your homework and research each domain before you commit to bidding and buying. Quick-Pick Domain Auctions Ending Today As usual, click the domains to view their respective pricing. caffeonline.comcenterhaus.comfirstglobalonline.comgloballoaded.comreactivecenter.comchurchmembershift.comworldpetexpo.comglobalpremiumgroup.comsoilguide.comtexasnutra.comclotheswork.comrocketpak.comkido.meapparelgame.comappsuse.comworldnpc.combuildnordic.comkathycanine.comscrappyservices.compineapplehunter.comslimeyworld.comprimedrink.compfc.meapprises.comtexasrefill.comoyun.mefiscalglobal.comapplicationmaintenance.comhosteon.comimmaculateworld.comeasypeely.comvariusworldtech.comdallasrelaxmassage.commycannahealth.comspaceforce.mecenterschain.comvcloud.ccfortuner.coglobalwv.comdealsnapper.combitcoinmapper.combitplays.comzothost.com

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