Monday , October 18 2021

The Afternic premium network list is a MESS

You know that list of registrars that Afternic claims to have on their Afternic Premium Network that are using Fast-Transfer (FT)?

Well it turns out the list is either completely outdated or it was inaccurate from the start. Either way it is a mess and a disgrace to GoDaddy and Afternic.

I was trying to find out the range of prices that my domains with Buy-It-Now (BIN) prices have on different Afternic partners. (A domain with a $10,000 BIN price could be for sale for $9,700 or even $12,500+ depending on the Afternic FT partner but that is another story.)

So I searched for my domain on some registrars from the list that are on the Afternic Premium Network. After a couple of successful searches I tried Hover (Tucows). I got NOTHING! My domain was just shown as TAKEN.

Then I tried a few more registrars. When I reached 10+ registrars from the list that were not currently Afternic partners I just stopped!

Here are a few of the registrars I found that are NOT currently working members of the Afternic Premium Network (i.e. my domains listed on Afternic with a BIN are not displayed as available to register for a premium price on this registrar.) although they are displayed on this list:

  • Uniregistry
  • Hover
  • Tucows
  • BulkRegister (it closed on June 10th!)
  • SAV
  • NameSilo
  • Enom
  • Enom Central
  • eName
  • Joker
  • Key-Systems
  • United Domains
  • EuroDNS

This is pathetic. Is the list so outdated? Has Afternic lost so many important partners? Why?

Uniregistry????!!!!! What is wrong with you people????

I found an old version of this list and the 2 registrars I found that have been removed are Moniker and of course Epik.

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