Sunday , May 22 2022

Wholesale auction prices for .xyz have been picking up at

Over the last couple months I have noticed doing more business in .xyz. The prices have been picking up as well.

For the first half of 2021 they only caught and auctioned 12 names. But over the last two months they have been picking up steam. was the first 4 figure close, it went for $2,010 at auction and now it’s listed at Squadhelp for $16,000.

As we got into around mid October, prices started picking up, I would partially attribute this to the success of Swetha from She has had an incredible year selling .xyz at retail pricing.

Now wholesale prices are picking up.,,,,,, went for just over $800 and then closed at $2,850.

The past week has registered seven, 4 figure sales. Including the high sale Now listed at Squadhelp for $24,399. 1,750 USD 2021-11-07 2,505 USD 2021-11-06 2,505 USD 2021-11-05 1,750 USD 2021-11-02 3,350 USD 2021-10-31 1,810 USD 2021-10-30 1,760 USD 2021-10-30 caught an excellent keyword today, going for $1,006.

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