Sunday , May 22 2022 at $2.6m in reported sales for 2021 vs $1m in 2020

When you think of you obviously think about .io domain names. But Mike Carson and his team have been catching and selling a lot more than .io the last couple years. .Co makes up a decent % of the business. With 45 days left in 2021 has registered 2,283 sales at Namebio. But only 1,136 have been .io. There have been 470 .co sales.

2021 2020
2,283 Total sales 1,388 Total sales
$2.6m dollar value $1m dollar value
$1,130 Average Price $721 Average Price

2021 has produced the 6 figure sales at for the first time in it’s history of reported domain name sales. In fact the 5 highest reported domain name sales have taken place in 2021. 175,000 USD 2021-03-05 100,000 USD 2021-04-14 100,000 USD 2021-03-30 89,999 USD 2021-05-06 88,000 USD 2021-02-15

Congrats to Mike Carson on seeing a niche and really working it over the last 7 years.

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