Sunday , January 23 2022 sells for $25K did the .network upgrade?

A few weeks ago I saw a blurb about Hashport on The domain name featured in the story was, registered in June of this year.

What Hashport does:

Interoperability between decentralized networks is set to become a whole lot easier with the introduction of hashport. Launching November 9, 2021, hashport strikes a critical balance between neutrality, security, speed, cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

Hashport achieves this balance by eliminating the need for a native network token, acting as a decentralized public utility while harnessing the power of the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) and having a robust, industry-leading validator swarm responsible for securing the portal.

Today I see sold for $25,000. The domain name was registered in 2009 and dropped. Registered again by a South Korean in 2014, Anuj from acquired it in 2017. The domain name moved from GoDaddy to GMO.

The domain name is not propagating currently.

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