Sunday , May 22 2022

Some big time expectations for the future of the metaverse economy


I have written about Matthew Ball before when discussing the metaverse. He was quoted in an article recently where he stated, believes that the metaverse economy could value between $10-30 trillion in the next decade.


Ball, who launched a metaverse ETF with Roundhill investments in June of this year, made the prediction in an appearance on Bloomberg News this week. It has been claimed by Nvidia CEO Jensen Wang that the metaverse economy could one day even eclipse that of the real world ($80+ trillion), but Ball offered his own bullish, but slightly more conservative take.

Ball goes on to say how big companies won’t be the only ones playing in the metaverse and they will not get their way on everyone.

Robert D Knight goes on to talk about the meta effect and the public gaining more interest in the metaverse after Facebook made their announcement. The article is worth reading if you are invested in domain names or plan on developing your own virtual space.

There has not been a slowdown in meta related registrations, with some of them being downright head scratchers.

Over 600 domain names regged on Monday:

This is great business for the registrars as people are also registering new gtlds, some that make little sense.

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